Monday, October 28, 2013

So you want to podcast on iTunes for free

Well, it's not really that hard but the setup is usually where people get caught up. You can record your sultry voice all day and night, but without iTunes it just doesn't seem to mean much does it? Here's a step-by-step 100% sure fire way to get your podcast on iTunes for free.

Step 1: Create an account and begin uploading your files.

Sure, uploading your podcast files to mediafire or Tindeck works okay when just sharing them with your friends and stuff, but when it comes to RSS and iTunes they like things to be more permanent and standard. With, you can create an account and upload unlimited mp3 files, for free. They also will create permanent links to download your podcast files that iTunes and RSS readers like.

Once you have an account, begin uploading your files. We'll get back to them later.

Step 2: Create a Blogger/Blogspot for your podcast and begin posting

Google has a blogging service that's easy and free called Blogger. Set a blog up for your podcast using this. The design doesn't need to be fancy, because it's likely people won't actually be viewing it all that often. Of course, it could be used a central commenting area. One setting you will want to change is under the Settings -> Other tab. The setting is called "Enable Title Links and Enclosure Links". Make sure it is set to "Yes." Anyhow, once you have a blog, we'll need to begin to create posts for it.

Create one post per episode you want to publish. Here's where you can screw things up. 

Title your posts as you'd like each episode to be called such as "Example Podcast Episode 1: I like things"

This is how it will show in the RSS feed and iTunes. 

Now, in you should now be able to view your files. When viewing them, it should be fairly easy to find the link for a VBR MP3 version of your file. When you find that link, copy it. Now, paste it into Notepad or Textedit or equivelant. This is one of the easiest places to get tripped up.

When you copy the link from, it will have "https" at the front of it. Take out the s. That's it. Yes, that's easy but KEEP IN MIND that iTunes will not accept or work with your podcast if you do not do this step. Now that you have taken out the s, copy the link again.

In the body of the post, this is where you'll want to put the description of the episode such as "In Episode 5 of the Example Podcast, we talk about things and stuff." Notice in the example, I put an Episode 5 identifier. You'll want to link Episode 5 to the file you uploaded to as I did. Now, off to the right of the Blogger posting area, you should see the "Links" tab. In here, paste the link into the "Title Link" and "Enclosure Links". Click Done.

Now, you should be ready to Publish your blog post. Ta-da! You're ready to become an iTunes podcast superstar!

Except you're not.

Step 3: Create a Feedburner for your podcast

Why doesn't Blogger have a built-in RSS option? I don't know. But you can easily create one for your blog that works great with iTunes just as well on your own. Go to Feedburner, and create a new feed. Now, when you add a feed to Feedburner it will have a little checkbox next to the "Submit" button that says "I'm a podcaster!" Are you a podcaster? Well, yes you are. So check it.

Now, you'll get asked if you want the feed to be atom or rss. It doesn't matter so I always just leave it on Atom. Feed title and Feed Address go ahead and fill those in how you want. Probably best if the feed title was the name of your podcast. 

Keep clicking Next and you'll eventually get to a page called "Configure Your Podcast and Tell iTunes How to List It." Great, fantastic. Fill it all out as it pertains to your podcast, okay. Cool. Keep clicking next until you get to a page that says "Your feed is ready for the world." Up in the upper left corner of this page, there'll be a tiny little RSS icon with waves on it. Click on this to see your feed. Does it show a feed of the shows you added in Step 2? If not, you did something wrong. If it does show them, cool! Copy the link address to your feed page. You're almost done!

Step 4: Submit Your Podcast to iTunes

This is somehow, the easiest part of the whole ordeal. Open iTunes (or download it first). Click on "iTunes Store". Click on "Podcasts" at the top. Off to the right of the Store page there'll be a link that says "Submit a Podcast." Click that. Now, paste in your podcast feed link you got from Feedburner. It will then show you how your podcast will look to your listeners. Make sure it's correct (if not, you can edit it in your feedburner), and then click Submit!

TA DA!!!  Now you are done! In a few days, you'll probably get an email from Apple confirming your podcast's approval. Be patient. If Apple denies your request, I don't know what you did wrong and cannot help you there. Share your iTunes link for super stardom!


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